Fretting Over Fabric – Major Sewing Realizations

I decided to trek on down to High Fashion Fabrics downtown. They have a ridiculously huge fabric selection, especially compared to the chain stores like JoAnns & Hancocks, but it was during my “fabric shopping” that I had an epiphany of sorts….

I have a major issue when it comes to fabric selection. I wandered aimlessly through the store from aisle to aisle looking @ & touching each bolt of fabric finding fabrics that suit my taste & budget... just to come out of the store w/ NOTHING!!!

I guess I'm just really weird like that.  Even w/ my stash @ home, I pull out patterns match them w/ fabric and make a firm decision in my head that this will go together... Only to several days later rearrange the fabric / pattern w/ something else.  It's like a strange game of musical chairs only w/ fabric and patterns....

How can I work through this dilema?  Thats all.

Peace. Hills

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