Happy bday 2 Me, Vegas & Simplicity 2406

"Go shawty its your birthday!"  Hey, so today is the big 30! and damn 30 looks good.  I have had such an awesome day.  I stepped into work this morning @ 730 and realized that my coworkers had done this to my desk:
This just really made my day! I have great coworkers!

I also just recently got back from Vegas, which was awesome.  The girls and I had a blast. 

Vegas is fun, but it's just one of those cities that you stay a few days and come right back.  So needless to say, that I was glad to be back home when I got home. I also made Simplicity 2406, which turned out awesome.  I made it in the majestic teal linen blend fabric that I got from JoAnns.


I love draping...

Ok, so for those of you who don't know, I am currently taking a draping course and also an alterations course @ my local community college.  My draping class has completely put a stop to any possible sewing plans that I may have.  Both classes are 1xweek & 5 hours long.  So you already know that when I get home I am EXHAUSTED.  Also not to mention that I have the most INTENSE teacher.  We stand in the front of the class for about 1 1/2- 2 hours while she demonstrates whatever we're are working on that day.  @ first I wasnt so much into the way she taught, but now as we enter into our 5th week.... I LOVE IT.  I love her method of teaching and all that I have learned in such a short time.  So I'm very excited about that. 

& Another thing I am so very very excited about.... IM GOING TO VEGAS!!!!  I am extremely excited about this trip.  Because my friend & I are turning 30 this month, 6 of my close friends are flying out in 3 weeks. Needless to say, I have alot of sewing to do.  I will update w/pics before I leave.  Gotta go, I have tons of work to do.

Peace. Hills