Happy bday 2 Me, Vegas & Simplicity 2406

"Go shawty its your birthday!"  Hey, so today is the big 30! and damn 30 looks good.  I have had such an awesome day.  I stepped into work this morning @ 730 and realized that my coworkers had done this to my desk:
This just really made my day! I have great coworkers!

I also just recently got back from Vegas, which was awesome.  The girls and I had a blast. 

Vegas is fun, but it's just one of those cities that you stay a few days and come right back.  So needless to say, that I was glad to be back home when I got home. I also made Simplicity 2406, which turned out awesome.  I made it in the majestic teal linen blend fabric that I got from JoAnns.


Manecoarse said...

I plan on buying that pattern over Easter weekend. It looks great on you. Love the look with the brown belt. Happy 30th.

Michelle said...

I love your dress! Great work! And happy birthday!

atrackbrown said...

This dress looks fantastic and gives me hope. I'm in the middle of this pattern and feeling doubtful, but it just may come out.

Love the fabric choice.

Me! said...

This dress is on my to-sew list. I love it in teal.