9/2010 Burda Magazine

Does anyone have this issue of Burda magazine?  I need this dress in my life RIGHT NOW & I'm willing to pay for it.


I need this


Return to blogging...

Although I have been MIA from blogging for what seems like forever, that doesn't mean that I havent been stalking reading my favorite blogs.  I have a few completed projects that I need to have photographed.  Procrastination :/ (I'm a work in progress).

While I was browsing my fav local Joanns, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the new Fall McCalls were out and actually IN STOCK **as this never happens**. Here are a few of my favs and right now they are looking much better than the Simplicity pre fall collection.

I love how in mid summer they start putting out the fall patterns.  It's a conspiracy, I'm convinced.  They are abusing my compulsive pattern shopping issue.