Sewing for others isn't so bad!

I hope everyone had Happy Holidays.  Family Friends & Food is what it's all about.  We celebrated here w/my family briefly then journied to Brenham w/my husband's family.  We had a great time.  The girls' were "super" excited about all of their gifts.  But now about sewing.  I have really fallen off when it comes to blogging.  I have been sssooooooo busy over the last month & a half.  Two of my friends graduated & another turned 30 & once ur friends realize that ur sewing skills are pretty good... they want u to make something for them and so I did.  Hopefully I can spend these next few weeks sewing something for myself.  Eventhough they are already compiling a list of things for me to sew for them.  It feels really good though for my work to be appreciated.  But check out the pics.  Peace.


I would LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE to have this!!!

The 8 O Clock Frock GROSGRAIN GIVEAWAY!!!!


I must work better under pressure???

Well Thursday I found out that we would be attending a 70's party for a relative's 40th bday on Saturday.  I had the perfect material, but I just had to find the perfect pattern.  And I found that in McCalls 5621 . This is the fastest I have ever completed any project.  The dress from the wedding took me like a month (due to several fabric & pattern changes).  But here are some pics of me in the dress & also my husband in his outfit.

I love this dress & although it worked perfectly for a 70's party, it can totally be paired with different shoes (& minus the "fro")  & be wearable.

Peace. Hills


I'm still here. I've just been catching up on some much needed rest since we made it back from DC. We went up for my favorite cousin's wedding, which was beautiful; and also a much needed time away from my babies. It was great!!! I finished my dress which was M5845. I used a "summer" tweed that I found @ Joanns.  It was very easy to make, even 4 a "super" beginner like myself. Here are pictures of it on my 'manni' & on me.
Peace. Hills



On my last post I was working on a honey yellow dress for a wedding in DC... Well scratch that!  One of my Best friends celebrated her 30th bday this past weekend and I have been wanting to make one those dresses with the thick elastic waistbands... I think they are so cute.  So here goes my attempt @ that.


Day One

I have been pondering the idea of creating a blog every since I stumbled across the BLOGGING REVOLUTION totally by accident.  I had heard of it, but was completely ignorant to what it really was & just how huge it is.  I have found myself @ work checking my favorite blogs for new updates, which is probably very inappropriate for work, but whatever I cant help myself.  There is so much info, and it's awesome to see so many others out there who share the same interest in fashion, sewing, etc.

I am not a skilled seamstress; I am not familiar w/ alot of technical sewing terms (I still have to pull out my book for definitions).  Just thought Id put that out there. LOL.

Now on to what I am working.  I will be attending a wedding in DC in October.  It is my goal to actually complete a project.  I have started & nearly completed several other projects.  But I vowe to complete this one.  I will upload pics of my progress tomorrow.  It is a sheath dress w/ sweetheart neckline & a fitted skirt in a honey yellow. 

I am so excited about this blogging journey.  I will post more tomorrow.