Day One

I have been pondering the idea of creating a blog every since I stumbled across the BLOGGING REVOLUTION totally by accident.  I had heard of it, but was completely ignorant to what it really was & just how huge it is.  I have found myself @ work checking my favorite blogs for new updates, which is probably very inappropriate for work, but whatever I cant help myself.  There is so much info, and it's awesome to see so many others out there who share the same interest in fashion, sewing, etc.

I am not a skilled seamstress; I am not familiar w/ alot of technical sewing terms (I still have to pull out my book for definitions).  Just thought Id put that out there. LOL.

Now on to what I am working.  I will be attending a wedding in DC in October.  It is my goal to actually complete a project.  I have started & nearly completed several other projects.  But I vowe to complete this one.  I will upload pics of my progress tomorrow.  It is a sheath dress w/ sweetheart neckline & a fitted skirt in a honey yellow. 

I am so excited about this blogging journey.  I will post more tomorrow.


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