Bad blogger- NL6049 & Burda 9551

I have been sewing, just not blogging. I'm still not too good at this blogging thing and not sure I ever will be, but I'll keep trying. My most recent projects were a bday dress for myself, well actually 2 but I'm only showing 1 bcuz the other was so boring and Easter dresses for the lil mamas.  Let's get started:

My bday dress was inspired by this lovely dress by the fabulous Mimi G which was inspired by this beautiful Heidi Merrick colorblocked dress.  This dress was worn for an outing with my besties for my 32nd birthday *dang I'm gett'n old*. Oh well, I'm so thankful to see another year. I omitted the sleeves as I was pressed for time {due to a proscrastination condition I have lol} and I decided to colorblock around the entire dress just as the Merrick original.  I didnt take many pictures only two to be exact, as I am camera shy; but I'm working on photographing my projects better so maybe next time.  I used NL 6049 as my base pattern and went to work. The final look.... tada
Told ya, I didnt take alot of pics and the 1st is kinda blurry but you get the jist.  I love this dress & I love the way it turned out. I have made plenty of things but this by far is my fav.  It has a classic look and the fabric which is from the April Johnston collection at JoAnns is fabulous {but frays to high heck}.  I think I'll actually wear this more than once lol.

Now onto my babies... I rarely sew for them as I am a bad parent and selfish sewer.  I am going to do better because they were so happy and excited about me making dresses for them and that's motivation enough for me to kick it into high gear.  I just needed a simple pattern for them as we didnt have any major plans for Easter.  I took the girls over to Discovery Green, which is a park here in Downtown Houston that hosts all types of events for families, for an Easter egg hunt and fun activities.  They had a blast and needless to say at the end I was the only one who was exhausted. I used Burda 9551 for their dresses and some beautiful Lisette mini check cotton twill in aqua and green.  I thought the piping detail was really cute and it was an easy sew.  I started Friday night and was finished with both Saturday afternoon just in time for Easter celebrations.

Well that's all for today. Hope you all had a great holiday and have an awesome week!!! Maybe I'll post again before next year lol.  I'ma a work in progress...

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Samantha said...

Those are adorable! I'm about to make this dress and wasn't sure about the bubble hem, and now I am!